USPA Hall of Fame


# Name
1 Pat Casey
2 Bill Ennis
3 Roger Estep 
4 Kevin Fisher 
5 George Frenn 
6 Larry Kidney 
7 Don Haley 
8 Fran Haley 
9 Bill Hartmann 
10 Mike Lambert-PLUSA Magazine 
11 Jim Lem 
12 Bob Packer 
13 Tom Overholtzer 
14 Bud Ravenscroft 
15 Gordon Santee 
16 Terry McCormick 
17 Dave Shaw 
18 Bill Cavalier 
19 Robert Cortes 
20 Vicki Gagne Hembree 
21 Enrique Hernandez 
22 Natalie Kahn 
23 Shirley Patterson 
24 Bill "Peanuts" West 
25 Danni Hartmann Eldridge 
26 Tom Eldridge

Induction Date: March 27, 2004 (Los Alamitos, CA)

There were 26 inducted during California State meet with special tributes to Pat Casey, George Frenn, and Bill Peanuts West

# Name
1 Rudy Lozano
2 Louie Hernandez
3 Willie Kindred 
4 Len Ingro 
5 Bill Witting 
6 Jack Hughes 
7 Jim Waters 

Induction Date: March 19, 2005 (Los Alamitos, CA)

There were 7 inducted during California State meet with special tribute to the Zuver's Power Team of Costa Mesa.

# Name
1 Scott Roberts - Superior, CO
2 Dave Van Brocklin - Pleasant Hill
3 Manny Burruel - Artois 
4 Christine Sorenson - Nevada City  
5 Rick Cirigliano - Burlingame 
6 Rich Tsutsui - San Jose  
7 Bob Taketa - Sacramento  
8 Randy Yamada - Elk Grove 

There were 8 inducted during San Jose Open meet with special tribute to the International Power Team of San Francisco

# Name
1 Kent Bush
2 Steve Foster
3 Sam Samaniego
4 Kevin Meskew
5 Pete Wilson
6 Bob Wieland

Induction Date: March 29, 2008 (Los Alamitos, CA)

There were 6 inducted during California State meet with special tribute to the Bakersfield Powerlifters

# Name
1 Danny McDermott
2 Glen Maur
3 Rick Van Unen 
4 Ted Hamner 
5 Robbie Roberts 
6 Bob Strange 
7 Jim Grudzien 

Induction Date: March 29, 2010 (Venice Beach, CA)

There were 7 inducted during Military Nationals with special tribute to the Atlantis Power Team of Whittier.

# Name
1 Avange Keresey
2 Bud Mucci
3 Brian Meek 
4 Chuck LaMantia 
5 Gary Hunnicutt 
6 Jim Merlino 
7 Ken Wheeler 

Induction Date: July 1, 2012(Costa Mesa, CA)

There were 7 inducted during the 2012 USPA Nationals.

# Name
1 Alan Aerts
2 Bruce Takala
3 Keith Kanemoto 
4 Paul Sutphin 
5 Roy Taylor 
6 Scott Layman 
7 Steve Goggins 
8 Wayne Jandoc 

Induction Date: December 30, 2016
There were eight inducted to the USPA Hall of Fame. Congratulations on your achievements!

# Name
1 Tom Miller
2 Dan Martin
3 Joe Walden 
4 April Shumaker 
5 Ellen Stein 
6 Howard Myers 
7 Roy Eriksen 

There were seven inducted to the USPA Hall of Fame. Congratulations on your achievements!

# Name
1 Special Induction - Marvin Phillips
2 Special Induction - George Zangas

Induction Date: March 17, 2013 (Corona, CA)

There were 2 inducted during the California State meet.

# Name
1 Joe Di Marco
2 Joe Bernazanni
3 Ron Scott 
4 Lisa Wheeler 
5 Danny Bullard 
6 Lee Moran 

# Name
1 Liz Freel

Induction Date: November 14, 2015 (Las Vegas, NV)

There was one USPA member inducted during the 2015 IPL Worlds.

Criteria to be inducted into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame

A list of items in which the order does not explicitly matter.

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Nominees qualify after 10 years from the date of their American or World record. American or World record record holders can qualify for nomination if they're record is on the books for at least 2 years before being broken.
  • Referees and meet directors qualify for nomination based on a minimum of 10 years refereeing and promoting contests.
  • Former World and National champions qualify for nomination after 10 years if they have won a minimum of 3 World or 3 National Championships.
  • Receive a unanimous vote from Hall of Fame committee.
  • All candidates and their complete bios will be submitted to the committee at least 90 days prior to the event being held. Any committee member is eligible to submit a lifters name and bio. Any nominee can refuse consideration but can be reconsidered in future years.

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