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Iron Soul Gym

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Iron Soul Gym is Albuquerque's premier powerlifting and stregth training facility.


  • 24/7 Unlimited Member Access
  • 4 Power Cages & Competition Benches
  • Olympic Lifting Platform With Rogue Half Rack
  • Competition Combo Rack
  • 2 Dedicated Deadlift Platforms
  • Reverse Hyper Extension Machine
  • Leg Press, Leg Curl & Extension Machines
  • Flat Bench, Incline Benches & Decline Bench
  • Dumbbells Up To 120 lbs
  • Strongman Yoke
  • Atlas Stones
  • 75 Foot Stadium Turf Sled Run
  • Numerous Specialty Bars
  • Chains & Bands

Here at Iron Soul you can chalk up and make noise. We know the problems with serious lifting at other gyms, first hand. We lift and compete. Our facilities are always clean and our equipment is well maintained at all times.

We have numerous champion and record-holding powerlifters training on site. We also have plenty of non-competitive lifters and beginners too. We happily offer instruction for beginners and the not-so-serious lifter. No one will be intimidated here.

We are also a key fob member access gym offering 24/7 access.

Staffed hours are M-Sa, 10am-3pm and M,W,F from 6pm-8pm. We're always happy to make an appointment outside of normal staffed hours to show you around.

Come on by, or give us a call at (505) 247-1524.

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