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Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance

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Iron Area Powerlifting & Performance (IA) opened in 2012. It originally occupied a 3,000 sq. ft. space on the third floor of a century-old converted Wonder Bread Factory in Hoboken, New Jersey. A redevelopment plan forced us to relocate in October of 2016.

Iron Arena is now located just three miles north of its former location in North Bergen, NJ. We're bigger and better than ever as we now occupy a 5,000 sq. ft space (located directly above New Jersey Beer Co.) accessible via all major highways and public transportation. IA is Hudson County's only training facility equipped to surpass the needs of competitive powerlifters and performance athletes.




Eleiko Combo Squat/Bench Rack
ER Equipment Denmark Squat/Bench Rack
(2) 3x3 EliteFTS/Willams Strength Collegiate Power Racks
Rogue S-1 Squat Stand
Metal Milita Competition Bench w/Band Pegs
(2) 4x8 Rogue Deadlift Platforms
(2)Adjustable 0-90 Bench (EliteFTS/Williams Strength)

Strength Equipment

Seated Military Press Power Rack (Cybex)
EliteFTS/Williams Strength Deluxe Glute Ham Raise
EliteFTS/Williams Strength Professional 45 Degree Back Raise
Louie Simmons Pro Reverse Hyperextension
Selectorized Lat Pulldown (300 lb. weight stack) (Bodymasters)
Selectorized Low Low (300 lb. weight stack) (Bodymasters)
T-Bar Chest Supported Row (Plate Loaded) (Bodymasters)


Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Bar 20kg
Eleiko Powerlifting Calibrated Colored Comp. Disks (Kg.)
Ohio Power Bar (Bare Steel)
Ohio Power Bar (20kg IPF approved)
(2) Texas Power Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Squat Bar
Safety Squat Bar (Crepinsek)
15 lb. Aluminum Training Bar (Rogue)
Cap Mega Hex Bar (1000 lb. capacity)
Pendlay HD Weightlifting Bar
Bandbell Earthquake Bar
Log Bar 5'-10" Diameter (81 lbs.)
7'2 3/8 Fat Bar
Troy EZ Curl Bar
Colored VTX Bumper Plates (Kg.) + Collars
Steel Plates (Ivanko, York, Rogue, Standard)
Ivanko/Troy/GPI Pro-Style Dumbbells (5-130 lbs.)
Fedoranko Competition Kettlebell Set (Pairs 8kg-32kg)


(2) Deadlift Jack (West Carry Barbell)
Bench Press Boards (2,3,4,5)
Bands (Long & Short)
Weight Releasers (w/squat attachments)
Farmers Walk Handles
DC Pulling Blocks
Tractor Tires (350 lb., 500 lb.)
Sledgehammer (8lb., 16 lb.)
Dragging Sled
Prowler 2 (Elitefts)
(2) Concept 2 Rower (D Model)3 Way Plyo Boxes (Rogue)
Blast Straps
Battle Rope (50' 1.5")
8' x 65' Astro-Turf
Leg Raise Ab Station
IronMind Wrist Roller
Medicine Balls (2-18 lbs.)
Massage Table
Chalk Bowl (West Cary Barbell)

*For those going to and coming from work we have two full bathrooms both with showers. We also have heat and AC

Instagram: @ironarenapowerliftingnj
YouTube: IronArenaTV

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