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Liftaholics Fitness

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Liftaholics is a strength training gym owned by Ryan Soper. It is home to a fantastic group of enthusiastic and like-minded individuals. The members vary in skill and experience - from those just learning to lift, to those training in preparation for a competition. This gym is home to a select group of lifters who pride themselves not only on excelling at every aspect of lifting and competing, but more importantly on supporting each other in training, competition and in all aspects of life.

If you’re looking for a training facility with a great atmosphere, Liftaholics has just that. Members have access to a facility that is loaded with powerlifting equipment. From chains and bands to bumper plates and specialty bars, Liftaholics is outfitted with the highest quality of  training equipment! Members also have access to some of the best coaching in the area, a Liftaholics Facebook group, as well as all the amenities they would need to practically live at the gym including a fridge, free WiFi, bathrooms, and lockers!

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