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The Dungeon

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The Dungeon is the only no-holds-barred private lifting gym in San Francisco, CA. The gym primarily caters to powerlifters, and also to Olympic lifters, Strongman competitors, and bodybuilders. 

The Dungeon is unmanned and unsupersived, and open 24/7 to members. Members receive their own set of keys to enter the gym. There is an application process to become a member, and inquires can be submitted through the website ( or directly emailed to the gym Director, Caro, at [email protected]

The Dungeon is equipped almost exclusively by Sorinex, and also by Rogue, Pendlay, York, and Ivanko. All equpiment; as well as the floor, walls, and ceiling; have been custom painted black.

The Dungeon also has a private personal training program. Private personal trainers may rent the gym for their businesses at compettive rates to train their clients. If you are a private trainer and interested in conducting your business at our gym, please contact Caro at the email above.

Thank you to the USPA for welcoming us into this prestigious organization!

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