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RAB Fitness

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Welcome To RAB Fitness, Eastern Washington’s Only Fully Equipped Powerlifting And Strongman Gym. Owned by USPA WA St Chair Roger Baker and his wife IFBB Women's Physique Pro Ally Baker. We Have 8500 square feet filled with: A Mono Lift And 2 AR Racks With An Additional 6 Squat Racks, Ivanko Calibrated Kilo Plates, 4 Forza Competition Benches, Reverse Hyper, GHD, 5 Texas Power Bars, 2 Westside Power Bars, 2 Texas Squat Bars, Mastodon Squat Bar, Okie Deadlift Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, Okie I Bar, Cambered Squat Bar, Buffalo Bar, Fat Bars, 2 Swiss Bars, 2 Hex Bars, Chains, Bands, Bumper Plates, 2 Prowlers, 3 Deadlift Platforms, Loading Kegs, Strongman Yolk, Atlas Stones, Circus Db's, Strongman Pressing Logs, 500-800 Lb Tires, Farmers Walk, Strongman Frame, A Full Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Line, Cable Crossover, Db up to 150 lbs , Oh Ya And A Couple Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stationary Bikes And Rowers.

We currently hold 3 USPA powerlfting meets per year and 1NAS Strongman event and 1 USS Strongman pro/am.

If you are in the area and need to train look us up!

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