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Anthony Agunat at Pivotal Sports Performance

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Pivotal Sports Performance was founded in 2011 and is an athletic development company. Our main focus is on speed enhancement by improving neuromuscular patterning, which is unique to each individual. Each athlete has his/her own strengths and flaws. At Pivotal Sports Performance, we focus on improving the athlete's strengths and eliminating weaknesses.

Pivotal Sports Performance is East County's sports training center. PSP brings years of real experience as athletes, coaches, and professionals. We are here to inform parents, educate coaches, and teach athletes how improving an athlete's general physical preparedness (G.P.P.) can positively affect one's sport specific preparedness (S.S.P.).

How you prepare will lead to how you perform.

Our services include:

-Sprinting bio-mechanical analysis
-Exercise correction
-Movment re-education
-Speed enhancement
-Youth training


-Olympic style lifting
-Strength training
-Nutritional consultation
-Bodybuilding, physique training, bikini modeling, posing techniques
-Sport specific training
-Online programming
-Coaching consultants
-Massage/Body Work Therapy
-Private Training
-Semi-Private Training
-Small Team Training
-Large Team Training

Other coaches include

Andre Hernadez (Owner/coach)

Chris Gordert (BS) in Kinesiology and (CSCS)

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