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Kelly Lovan

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My mission is to build a stronger fitness nation through the application of powerlifting and powerlifting fundamentals.

  • Nationally-Qualified USPA Powerlifter
  • Raw, Full Power, 132 weight class and Masters
  • Featured in Oxygen & Ironman Magazine
  • Nationally-Qualified NPC Women’s Physique
  • 2x Muscle Beach Women’s Physique Winner
  • NGA Bodybuilding Judge
  • Former IFPA Pro Figure
  • Weightlifting since 2002

   I’m a survivor of the auto-immune dificiency disease, ITP, and an active life-style advocate. I have been weightlifting since 2002 and am extremely excited about powerlifting and what it has added to not only my training routine, and my life, but also my overall fitness philosophy and my desire to share the benefits of powerlifting and strength building with the world.

   I have been featured in several articles in Oxygen Fitness and Ironman magazines. I’m also a former IFPA Pro Figure Competitor, a national NPC Women's Physique Bodybuilder, an NGA Bodybuilding Judge, and recently, a nationally-qualified, USPA Powerlifter.

   I am proud of these accomplishments; however, I strive most to increase my knowledge in fitness, and share what I have learned with others; enabling them to live stronger, healthier, more fulfilling lives. I'm fascinated with understanding and coaching biomechanics, and personal style of technique to increase strength and stamina, as this not only builds strong competitors, but strong bodies in general. I believe people should be able to perform daily activities, such as carrying groceries or mowing the lawn, without pain or discomfort, and that this can be done through skills created from powerlifting.

  Currently based out of Big House Gym in West Des Moines, IA, I provide personal training, program design, nutrition planning, and contest preparation to aspiring and accomplished competitors. Please visit my website for more information:

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