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Representatives and Volunteers

The United States Powerlifting Association is looking for representatives and volunteers in all states. Each state chair is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of USPA local competitions, state championships and maintaining state records.


USPA Executives

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    Steve DenisonUSPA / President

    "Powerlifting is about the advancement of the lifter, our sport is driven by the lifter..."

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    Leonetta RichardsonUSPA / Executive Vice-President

    "My goal is and has always been to promote the sport and ensure that lifters are safe..."

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    Johnny LayneUSPA Raw/ Vice-President

    "The sport of powerlifting offers you as a lifter an opportunity to challenge yourself."

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    Ken WheelerUSPA Multi Ply / Vice-President

    "At the end of the day, it's you against the iron. Your will against your willingness.."